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Yummy Snacking Pepper

You will love this snack-sized petite sweet pepper that is nearly seedless. It ripens from green to yellow, apricot-orange, or red. This is a very sweet, flavorful pepper that often converts those folks who say, "No thanks, I don't like peppers." When fully ripe, it is so sweet that you hardly know its a pepper.It makes an impressive show when spread on a platter for parties and as a great healthy snack for kids (they love it!). The plant is pretty, too, especially in a container. Heavy foliage helps protect the peppers from sunburn. Plant one per 15-inch (or larger) pot.

  • Light: Full sun
  • Fruit size: 2 to 4 inches long
  • Matures: 73 days
  • Plant spacing: 18 to 24 inches
  • Plant size: 18 to 36 inches tall