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Super Sweet 100 Tomato

When Sweet 100 tomato was first introduced it created a buzz among gardeners because it is so tasty and productive for a long time. Now, its improved cousin, Super Sweet 100 hybrid bears the same long, branched clusters of deliciously sweet tomatoes high in sugar and vitamin C. But Super Sweet 100 is more disease resistant, giving plants in a better chance where certain problems are soil borne. You'll be eating them off the vine before ever making it to the salad bowl. They are perfect for snacking, salads, and even juice. Super Sweet 100 lives up to its name; the sweetest and most flavorful are picked when completely ripe. The indeterminate vines continue bearing until frost. Give them a tall support because they grow and grow over the top of the cage and back down again. Resistant to verticillium wilt (V), fusarium wilt (F), and nematodes (N).

  • Fruit size: 1 inch
  • Matures: 65 days
  • Plant spacing: 36 inches apart
  • Plant size: 8 to 12 feet tall
  • Plant type: Indeterminate