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The classic annual for shade, impatiens are perfect in pots or landscape plantings, blooming from the time they are planted after the last spring frost through until the first frost in fall. The compact plants have a pretty, uniform shape and rich green foliage. Our impatiens are selected for their dwarf, compact growth compared to some impatiens; they stay a neat 8 to 12 inches tall in the North and a little taller in the South.

Although impatiens are best suited to shade, many colors tolerate sun, provided the soil stays moist. Plant in spring after danger of frost is past. Plants like rich, moist soil and water during dry weather. Feed with a timed-release fertilizer at planting.

  • Type: Annual
  • Light: Part shade
  • Plant spacing: 9 to 12 inches apart
  • Plant size: 8 to 12 inches tall