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Coleus Sun

Coleus has brilliant leaves that enliven garden beds, especially when combined with begonias, salvia, and other plants for contrast. These easy-to-grow plants are availalbe in a wide range of color, with leaves of many sizes and shapes. Uniform plants branch at the base so that even one plant makes a sizable show. Plant several for an easy sweep of color. Also eye-catching in baskets and containers, coleus proves its worth in warm weather with long-lasting color that is appreciated everywhere, but especially in areas where rain pounds summer flowers. The great thing about the colorful leaves is that they stay colorful for a long, long time.

Plant after all danger of frost is past. Pinch off the flowers or leggy shoots when they appear to keep plants bushy. Keep soil evenly moist.

  • Type: Annual
  • Light: Full sun to part shade
  • Plant spacing: 9 to 15 inches
  • Plant size: 12 to 24 inches tall