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Formax Hog Finisher

Manufactured in mini-pellet form to reduce waste.

  • A complete feed for finishing hogs to market weight
  • Formulated to meet and/or exceed the nutrient requirements established by the National Research Council
  • Manufactured in mini-pellet form to enhance feed intake and reduce feed lost by rooting out of feeders
  • Balanced for lysine (an essential amino acid component of protein) to build lean muscle mass
  • Fortified with essential macro-minerals, vitamins and trace minerals to support a strong skeletal system, stimulate the immune system and promote health
  • Only U.S. Number 2 corn is used by Formax --- damaged grain or corn screenings are not permitted in the plant
  • All grains used in Formax's products are screened on receipt to remove any impurities prior to use in manufacturing